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Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
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Available Core Engines

 We currently have a large number of complete engines available as rebuildable cores.  Due to the large number, we are not able to search for specific date codes, engine codes, or similar.  Our inventory is always changing, so call back later if we do not have exactly what you need!  We do not sell core engines outright.

A partial inventory of the more interesting engines:

Nearly every displacement Small Block Chevrolet – 265, 283, 307,327, 350, 400 and custom strokers and de-strokers like 302, 377, 383, 420ci small block Chevrolets.

·        396, 427, 454 ci Big Block Chevrolets, and 366 and 427 Tall Deck motors

·        235 and 250ci Chevrolet straight 6 engines

·        302, 351W, 360, 390, 460 ci Ford engines

·        351C – both 2 and 4 barrel

·        239ci 59AB Ford and 255ci 59AB Mercury Flatheads

·        Buick NailHead

·        Oldsmobile 350 and 455ci V8’s

·        Pontiac 400ci V8’s

·        Chrylser small block and big block V8’s

·        BMW M3 Inline 6 cylinder

·        And many more!


We specialize in severe duty engines, and race what we build.  Our engines have won races in marine, drag, road racing, and circle track applications.  We specialize in vintage engines.

We understand a budget and will work with the customer to custom build an engine that stays together, makes power, and most importantly - fits into the budget.   Every engine is built to order!

Please call or Email for special pricing!