Wright's Engine Rebuilding
75 Glen Cameron Road, Unit 8
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
L3T 1N8

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Wright's Engine Rebuilding has been building quality street, industrial, marine, and race engines for nearly 40 years.  All makes and models are serviced, including vintage and classic.  High performance, classic, and inboard marine are welcome here!  Our head machinist , engine builder, and owner of Wrights, Bill Wright, has been building and racing professionally for over 35 years.

We offer overnight service for many machining operations, so your vehicle, hoist, or bay is not tied up any longer than necessary.  Please call or Email us for further information. 

Available services:

·        Complete Engine Rebuilding

·        Head Rebuiling

·        Precision Boring/Honing

·        Deck Resurfacing

·        Valve guide/seat replacement

·        Precision Rod resizing

·        Magnetic Crack Checking

·        High Pressure caustic cleaning

·        Shot Blasting

·        Flywheel resurfacing

·        Crack repairs

·        Valve grinding

·        Balancing and Blueprinting

·        Vintage engine rebuilding


We specialize in severe duty engines, and race what we build.  Our engines have won races in marine, drag, road racing, and circle track applications. 

We understand a budget and will work with the customer to custom build an engine that stays together, makes power, and most importantly - fits into the budget.   Every engine is built to order!

Please call or Email for special pricing!